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values and morals

We work together with our parents/care givers to effectively educate and benefit from the program we offer.  We ask for our parents/care givers to be involved in school meetings and school performances. 

When we are all working towards a common goal your children - our students - thrive. 

We believe in the "whole child" approach to education. This means that body, mind and spirit are treated with equal importance.

Children are regularly excersizing and enjoying playtime in the open garden.  We have special time dedicated to activities such as tennis, dance, and swimming. 


At Agapeland director Sandra Petrovits has pioneered a unique approach to early education, due to her knowledge and experience in learning disabilities, special education and music. For this reason we use multiple methods to stimulate learning that positively effects the memory of all our children.  We have found that applying knowledge deeply in the minds of children comes hand in hand with the gentleness and loving care of the teacher.  


We meet our educational milestones naturally by singing, laughing and playing we do not apply pressure and cause the child to feel stressed.

We teach values and morals.


Acts of kindness, effort, giving, patience, and friendliness are rewarded.


Agapeland welcomes all religious faiths, all nationalities and races.

Religious issues are dealt with at Agapeland in the following ways: Children are taught to respect God and all children's religious beliefs. Children are taught to pray before meals and thank God for their food, friends, family, home and environment.  Some of the books and songs at Agapeland make reference to Christian morals and values. 

At Christmas time we celebrate the birth of Jesus, and honour him with a Nativity Theatre show that the children participate in.  Christmas celebration also comes with Santa bringing gifts. 

At Easter time we celebrate the resurrection of Jesus as well as enjoy a playful Easter Egg hunt. 

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