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"AgapeLand was named after a book series that I read and loved as a child. Books that described the fruits of the spirit. Qualities such as Patience, Love, Faith, Self Control, Goodness, Kindness, Peace and Joy were some of the titles.

In 1992 I opened Agapeland School as a natural extension of my motherhood and education. Agapeland was the first school in the area, and a creative process that my late husband Thomas Petrovits supported with all his strength and creativity.

Agapeland is built on a hillside overlooking the Saronic bay in Lagonessi, 37 kms. south of Athens. Lush green grass, developmentally-designed playground equipment and brightly decorated spacious classrooms, are all part of the magic experienced by a child at AGAPELAND.

I was a busy mother of 5 children, with a B.A. Degree in Special Education and specialization in learning disabilities from Oral Roberts University in Oklahoma, USA and Masters in Education from University of LaVerne Athens, Greece in the field of educational counseling.

To this day Agapeland is family owned and run. Some of the children who have passed through the school come back as teachers, and bring their own children to be raised through the Agapeland way.

We are a big family, and believe in creating a home away from home atmosphere for the young and precious children who pass through our school.

We want warmth and kindness, fun and song to be ingrained so deeply that there will always be a loving cushion to fall back on in their hearts for the rest of their lives.

Give your child the gift that will last a lifetime... The gift of love from Agapeland. "

Sandra Petrovits


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