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after-school English program

Our After-School Program supports students from age 3 through to highschool graduation! We teach using the the "whole child" approach.

We work with each individual child to overcome any learning difficulties with gentle loving support, growing confidence and meeting goals successfully.


We support our students through all proficiency exams leading up to University. 


It's never to late too learn English, we offer private lessons for adults too!


English is the key
to A bright futUre!

Your child can speak like a native English speaker! Our program is only in English, and we as native American english speakers provide a total immersion into the language. 


Our classes are like a trip to the USA, with an American flag team backpack to travel with!  

We meet our goals of proficiency and go way beyond that! 

We use song, and stories, home education classes such as cooking, schedule management, time awareness and cultural awareness to expose all kinds of vocabulary words, ideas, and new ways of thinking. 

We do holiday related arts and crafts, as well as art classes!

Our homework is review based, so students can work independently without help from parents and are encouraged to think and act independently in English.

English Groups

Children are given a test and a verbal assesment of their English language skills and placed in small groups similiar to their own level. 

We use the group atmosphere to work on conversational skills and team building skills creating confidence in our students and providing a fun learning atmosphere of friendship and teamwork. 

In this way we can work more carefully in observing each student and provide more time directly with the teacher. 

Our books are from the American curriculum. 


Lending Library 
and cultural

Children are welcome to our lending library, where they can check out English books according to their interests.


We also include our students in cultural awareness activites such as participating in charitable donations to people in need and community outreach programs.


Speaking English makes the world a more approachable place to help others and provide acts of kindness!

When we speak English we can travel throughout the world, learn from different cultures, and gathering new ideas that expand our minds and hearts. 

Private lessons

We provide private lessons to all ages at any level of English!

If you are interested in an online session we are happy to accommodate you!

choosing the right Language Program for your child

We always encourage parents to visit plenty of language programs. The determining factor for the school you choose should be the happiness of your child – for this reason we encourage parents, or caregivers and the child to come together to visit the teachers, and see the school. 


Consider the personality of the child, the values of the school, and the educational skills of the teachers. Observe the way the teachers are speaking to the children.

We believe in the "whole child" approach to education. This means that body, mind and spirit are treated with equal importance.

At Agapeland director Sandra Petrovits has pioneered a unique approach to early education, due to her knowledge and experience in learning disabilities and special education. For this reason we use multiple methods to stimulate learning that positively effects the memory of all our children.  We have found that applying knowledge deeply in the minds of children comes hand in hand with the gentleness and loving care of the teacher.  


We meet our educational milestones joyfully by creating confidence not by applying pressure and causing the child to feel stressed.


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