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Agapeland Story

"Give your child the gift that will last a lifetime,the gift of love at AGAPELAND !"

Established in 1992 by Thomas and Sandra Petrovits,is a Greek / English Preschool-Kindergarten offering a large span of activities for children ages 2-5.


AGAPELAND is built on a hillside overlooking the Saronic bay in Lagonessi, 37 kms. south of Athens. Lush green grass, developmentally-designed playground equipment and brightly decorated spacious classrooms, are all part of the magic experienced by a child at AGAPELAND.


Sandra Petrovits (Founder and owner of AGAPELAND holds a BA in Education with a Major in Special Education / Learning Disabilities and a Minor in Music. She also holds an MA in Education with an emphasis in Family and Educational Psychology Counselling. Prior to opening AGAPELAND in 1992, Sandra Petrovits spent more than 10 years in Special and Remedial Education trying to ‘fix’ problems that she felt were mostly created by the system... She knew that it was time for a change.


Believing that each child develops at it’s own speed and pace, and needs to be fully stimulated through sensory motor learning, given an atmosphere of love and acceptance, Sandra Petrovits wanted to apply her theories at the foundational level in order to do her part in making this world a better place—one child at a time...

That’s when AGAPELAND was created !!

AGAPELAND’s Philosophy

AGAPELAND believes in the ’family first’ and that both parents should participate equally in the upbringing, education and discipline of their children.

AGAPELAND takes the ‘whole child’ approach to education. Body , mind and spirit are treated with equal importance.

The approach to discipline at AGAPELAND is Behavior Management, using positive reinforcement.

Contact Us

Evripidou 21, Ag. Dimitrios,  Lagonissi ,
Koropi, 19400, Greece

Tel : +30 2291 070846

Mob : +30 697 766 7943

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